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Spring Sports All-SCOL Released

The student athletes honored with placement on either the 1st or 2nd team All SCOL squads in their respective sports has been released.

All SCOL teams in boys and girls track will be determined by performance in the SCOL league meet on Tuesday, 5/13 and Thursday, 5/15.

Boys Tennis:

1st Team ALL SCOL

Nick Whalen - Chillicothe
Ryan Palmer - Hillsboro
Patrick Shanahan - Hillsboro
Garret Phipps - Washington
Drake Berlin- Washington
Zach Johnson- Washington
Noah Mesker - Washington
Carson Ferguson- Washington

2nd Team ALL SCOL

Frankie Whalen - Chillicothe
Ryan Littler - Chillicothe
Alex Rhoads - Hillsboro
Luke Meares - East Clinton


1st Team ALL SCOL

Hunter Bivens - Chillicothe
Jerrett Huff - East Clinton
Trevor Haines - Miami Trace
John Phillips - Miami Trace
Tyler Slone - Washington
Christian Johnson - Washington
Josh Williams - Washington
Zach Santoro - Clinton Massie
Ryan Collette - Clinton Massie
Jared Halley - Clinton Massie
Trey Moberly - HIllsboro
Zach Puckett - McClain

2nd Team ALL SCOL

Matt Dunn- Chillicothe
Nolan Taylor - Chillicothe
Garrett Woods - East Clinton
Blade Moore - Miami Trace
Griff Ward - Miami Trace
Aaron Greer - Washington
Hunter Fentress - Clinton Massie
Jake McItire - Clinton Massie
Jake Helterbrand - Hillsboro
Latrell Haithcock - Hillsboro
Caleb Rayburn - McClain


1st Team ALL SCOL

Brianna Dawes - Chillicothe
Olivia Ray - Chillicothe
Hannah Ray - Chillicothe
Jessica Larrick - East Clinton
Arianna Mabra - Miami Trace
Tasha Fox - Miami Trace
Wendy Hawk - Washington
Kate Jude - Washington
Caitlin Robinson - Clinton Massie
Taylor Flanigan - Clinton Massie
Emilie Fisher - Clinton Massie
Madison Snyder - Hillsboro
Hanna Breeden - Hillsboro
Caitlyn Lovett - McClain

2nd Team ALL SCOL

Chianna Smitley - Chillicothe
Tori Bailey - East Clinton
Tessa Grooms - Miami Trace
Alexis Schwartz - Miami Trace
Chelsea Warning - Washington
Emily Wood - Clinton Massie
Kerstin Thornburgh - HIllsboro
Sarah Thompson - McClain


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